Our Forrest Mapping technology comprises another digital tool developed to provide transparent timber traceability and sourcing.

The French may say “À chaque cru sa forêt!” (“To each vintage its forest!”), but auric barrels can literally claim “To each vintage its tree!”

Our Forrest Mapping technology also helps to register harvesting micro-locations. In tandem with the Barrel Tracing technology, these two tools allow us to trace the numbered log and the final product, establishing a direct link between an accurately located site in the forest and an oak barrel in a remote wine cellar where wine is aging. In other words, auric barrels have 100 % control over the logs sourced from our own forest.

Forrest Mapping technology ensures customer transparency, because it allows the detection of the exact timber source using digital geolocation services such as Google Maps.
The micro-location record helps the customer to check the altitude, types of soil, and general climate parameters, and to benefit from other information that might affect the Slavonian oak terroir.